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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
20/01/2017United Kingdom-Rotherham: Void security, clearance and cleansSubscribers Only31 days
19/01/2017UK-Bakewell: General Building Services to Peak District National Park Authority Properties (FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)Subscribers Only11 days
19/01/2017United Kingdom-Blaina: Construction workSubscribers Only25 days
16/01/2017UK-Bedford: Boarding Up Services in Essex (OPEN FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)Subscribers Onlyn/a
12/01/2017UK-London: Centrepoint Repairs & MaintenanceSubscribers Only16 days
11/01/2017United Kingdom-Norwich: Health and social work servicesSubscribers Only29 days
23/12/2016UK-Swindon: Domestic Refurb Works 4Uk Shared Business Servicesexpired
23/12/2016UK-Bedford: Delivery Partner Panel 3Subscribers Only4 days
16/12/2016UK-Kilmarnock: All Trades Reactive Repair and Void Maintenance, Shire Housing AssociationArmour Construction Consultants (Kilmarnock) On Behalf Of Shire Housing Associatexpired
16/12/2016United Kingdom-Coalville: Repair and maintenance services of building installationsEast Midlands Housing Groupexpired
16/12/2016United Kingdom-Kingston upon Thames: Construction workSubscribers Only1 day
13/12/2016United Kingdom-Sittingbourne: Responsive maintenance and void property worksSubscribers Only3 days
07/12/2016UK-Wrexham: Repair and Refurbishment Works to Void Council Housing in Wrexham County BoroughSubscribers OnlyPIN
07/12/2016United Kingdom-Erskine: Responsive repairs and voids maintenance 2017-2021Bridgewater Housing Associationexpired
03/12/2016United Kingdom-Portsmouth: Refuse and waste related servicesFirst Wessexexpired
03/12/2016United Kingdom-Bracknell: Cleaning, janitorial and estates related servicesSubscribers OnlyPIN
02/12/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Responsive and planned maintenance and void propertyChoice Housing Ireland Limited (And Its Subsidiaries)expired
02/12/2016United Kingdom-Wigan: Construction workWigan Councilexpired
01/12/2016United Kingdom-Swindon: Vacant property repairsSwindon Borough Councilexpired
30/11/2016United Kingdom-Wigan: Framework agreement for building and associated works (Part 2) 2017 ā€” 2020Wigan Councilexpired