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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
21/12/2016United Kingdom-Lisburn: Bowling scoring and management systemSubscribers Only6 days
19/12/2016UK-Lisburn: Supply,Installation,Commission and Maintenance of a Bowling Scoring and Management System (OJEU) Subscribers Only7 days
05/09/2016UK-Worthing: White Medical Nurse Clip Boards (VERY SHORT DEADLINE)Sussex Partnership Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
02/09/2016United Kingdom-Glasgow: Timing, scoring and result servicesGlasgow City Councilexpired
20/06/2016IE-Ireland: Single-Party Framework Agreement For The Supply and Maintenance of Photo Finish Cameras and AssociatHorse Racing Ireland (Hri)expired
25/03/2016UK-Motherwell: Finishing Tower - Strathclyde Park, MotherwellNorth Lanarkshire Councilexpired