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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
14/01/2017United Kingdom-Liverpool: Catering suppliesSubscribers Only38 days
13/01/2017UK-Bristol: Provision of Catering Outlet (EXTENDED DEADLINE)Subscribers Only43 days
06/01/2017United Kingdom-York: Snacks and soft drinksSubscribers Only38 days
16/12/2016United Kingdom-Glasgow: Catering servicesSubscribers Only17 days
14/12/2016UK-Bristol: Provision of Catering Outlet (EXTENDED DEADLINE)University Of The West Of England expired
06/12/2016Ireland-Dublin: The provision of hospitality servicesThe Office Of Government Procurementexpired
16/11/2016United Kingdom-Merthyr Tydfil: Supply and Delivery of soft drinks, crisps, snacks and confectioneryMerthyr Tydfil County Borough Councilexpired
11/11/2016United Kingdom-Essex: Retail food and beverage concessionSubscribers Onlyn/a
09/11/2016UK-Bristol: Purchase of Retail SandwichesBwpc (Acute)expired
08/11/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: Future Operational Ration PacksSubscribers Only8 days
07/11/2016UK-Douglas: Noble’s Hospital - Retail and Catering Services (PIN)The Isle Of Man Governmentexpired
05/11/2016United Kingdom-Caerphilly: National Procurement Service framework for the supply and distribution of fresh food and beveragesSubscribers OnlyPIN
01/11/2016UK-Mansfield: Provision of Confectionery, Toiletries & Grocery Sundries (OJEU)Nottinghamshire Healthcare Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
27/10/2016UK-Liverpool: Povision of Meetings and Workshops RefreshmentsCrown Commercial Serviceexpired
19/10/2016United Kingdom-Leicester: Fresh fruit, vegetables, potatoes and saladsEspo On Behalf Of Devon Norse Limitedexpired
13/10/2016United Kingdom-Normanton: Food to goSubscribers OnlyPIN
08/10/2016United Kingdom-Shrewsbury: Pizza conceptShropshire Councilexpired
03/10/2016UK-Hemel Hempstead: Catering Services for the Forum Dacorum Borough Councilexpired
24/09/2016United Kingdom-Shrewsbury: Speciality & hospitality food itemsShropshire Councilexpired
21/09/2016UK-Penryn: Supply of Prepared Sandwich ProductsFalmouth Exeter Plusexpired