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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
06/01/2017United Kingdom-York: Snacks and soft drinksSubscribers Only38 days
23/12/2016United Kingdom-Normanton: Food, beverages, tobacco and related productsSubscribers Only6 days
08/11/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: Future Operational Ration PacksSubscribers Only8 days
05/11/2016United Kingdom-Caerphilly: National Procurement Service framework for the supply and distribution of fresh food and beveragesSubscribers OnlyPIN
11/08/2016UK-Leeds: Supply of Multi Temperature Foods South West Yorkshire Partnership Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
19/07/2016UK-Shipley: Servicing and Maintenance of Vending Machines Bradford District Care Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
19/07/2016IE-Ireland: Supply of School Fruit and SnacksLouth And Meath Education & Training Board (Lmetb)expired
18/07/2016UK-Shipley: Provision of Sandwich Delivery ServiceBradford District Care Trust Hqexpired
16/07/2016United Kingdom-Normanton: Miscellaneous food products and dried goodsSubscribers OnlyPIN
07/05/2016United Kingdom-Leicester: Speciality fine food and drinkEspoexpired
26/03/2016United Kingdom-Rotherham: Hotel, restaurant and retail trade servicesRotherham Mbcexpired