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20/01/2017UK-Redruth: Evaluation Expertise for Superfast Cornwall 2Subscribers Only16 days
20/01/2017UK-London: BCO Research Project Subscribers Only6 days
20/01/2017UK-London: Research Project - The Rise & Rise of Cycling to WorkSubscribers Only20 days
20/01/2017UK-Birmingham: Trends and Insights Subscription Services (OPEN FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)Subscribers Only23 days
20/01/2017United Kingdom-Kenilworth: Trade data requirementsSubscribers Only33 days
20/01/2017United Kingdom-London: Research and development services and related consultancy servicesSubscribers OnlyPIN
19/01/2017UK-Glenrothes: Consultancy brief to create a tourism strategy for the Forth Bridges AreaSubscribers Only19 days
19/01/2017UK-Birmingham: Hackney Carriage Unmet Demand Survey Subscribers Only12 days
19/01/2017UK-Basildon: Collection of Customer Satisfaction Data and Associated ServicesSubscribers Only27 days
19/01/2017UK-Cardiff: SME Skills Survey Subscribers Only6 days
19/01/2017United Kingdom-Guildford: User satisfaction surveysSubscribers Only24 days
18/01/2017UK-London: Cross-Regional: Securities Market Investor Base Study Subscribers Only24 days
18/01/2017UK-Shrewsbury: Grant and Policy Information ServiceSubscribers Only13 days
18/01/2017United Kingdom-London: Elis group transformation change frameworkSubscribers OnlyPIN
17/01/2017UK-Oldbury: Consultant to Undertake Local Consultation and Engagement Subscribers Only5 days
17/01/2017UK-London: Employee Qualitative Insights and Satisfaction Improvement RecommendationsSubscribers Only10 days
17/01/2017UK-London: BIM Level 3 Research and Development SOTA ReportSubscribers Only13 days
17/01/2017UK-London: AHDB Trade Data Requirement (OJEU)Subscribers Only34 days
17/01/2017UK-Cardiff: Company Information Electronic Resource Subscribers Only16 days
17/01/2017France-Paris: Evaluation of a European multi country communication programmeSubscribers Only22 days