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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
17/01/2017UK-Bedford: Supply of Meat ProvisionsSubscribers Only25 days
17/01/2017United Kingdom-Armagh: Frozen foodSubscribers Only23 days
16/01/2017UK-Belfast: Frozen Food for the Education Authority (OJEU)Subscribers Only24 days
23/12/2016United Kingdom-Normanton: Food, beverages, tobacco and related productsSubscribers Onlytoday
08/12/2016United Kingdom-Carmarthen: Provision of food commoditiesSubscribers OnlyPIN
24/11/2016United Kingdom-Dudley: Meat and meat products 2017Dudley Mbcexpired
21/11/2016UK-Dudley: Meat and Meat Products 2017 Dudley Metropolitan Borough Councilexpired
05/11/2016United Kingdom-Caerphilly: National Procurement Service framework for the supply and distribution of fresh food and beveragesSubscribers OnlyPIN
02/11/2016United Kingdom-Beverley: Groceries, fresh produce, milk & breadEast Riding Of Yorkshireexpired
31/10/2016UK-Beverley: Groceries, Fresh Produce, Milk & BreadEast Riding Of Yorkshire Councilexpired
29/10/2016United Kingdom-Godalming: Food productsChurchmarketplace C/O Pelican Procurement Services Ltdexpired
05/10/2016Ireland-Palmerstown: Food productsStewarts Care Ltdexpired
24/09/2016United Kingdom-Shrewsbury: Speciality & hospitality food itemsShropshire Councilexpired
22/09/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Raw fresh beef and lamb, pork and poultryProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
22/09/2016United Kingdom-Paisley: Frozen foodsSubscribers OnlyPIN
13/09/2016UK-Belfast: Raw Fresh Beef and Lamb, Pork and Poultry [447296] (OJEU)Procurement And Logistics Service expired
11/08/2016UK-Leeds: Supply of Multi Temperature Foods South West Yorkshire Partnership Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
02/08/2016United Kingdom-Leicester: Fresh Meat, meat products, poultry and gameNorse Commercial Services Ltd And Devon Norse Ltd (C/O Espo)expired
30/07/2016United Kingdom-Carlisle: Supply and distribution of fresh foodsCumbria County Councilexpired
23/07/2016United Kingdom-Kirkwall: Supply and delivery of fresh meat and meat products framework agreementOrkney Islands Councilexpired