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20/01/2017United Kingdom-Uxbridge: Alarm maintenanceSubscribers Only33 days
19/01/2017UK-Hereford: Servicing of Fire Fighting Equipment & Fire Panels & Emergency LightingSubscribers Only18 days
19/01/2017UK-Port Talbot: Fire Alarms [Autronica] (Maintenance of)Subscribers Only26 days
18/01/2017UK-Walsall: Design, Installation and Testing of a Fire Suppression SystemSubscribers Only69 days
18/01/2017UK-Grimsby: Fire Fighting Equipment Service and RepairSubscribers Only18 days
18/01/2017UK-London: Grosvenor Replacement Lights (SHORT DEADLINE)Subscribers Only2 days
18/01/2017UK-London: Electronic Security, Control Room Systems and Audio Visual Systems 2017 to 2018 (PIN) (OJEU)Subscribers Only111 days
18/01/2017UK-Stirling: SME Engagement Framework (SPECULATIVE SUBCONTRACT)Subscribers Only27 days
18/01/2017UK-Swansea: Gower Landscape Partnership - Fire Management Subscribers Only16 days
18/01/2017United Kingdom-Belfast: Repair and maintenance services of firefighting equipmentSubscribers Only26 days
18/01/2017United Kingdom-Dunfermline: Fire and intruder alarms, CCTV systems and portable fire fighting equipmentSubscribers Only37 days
17/01/2017UK-Kendal: Health and Safety Services to the Lake District National Park Authority (SHORT DEADLINE)Lake District National Park Authorityexpired
17/01/2017UK-Birmingham: Smoke Alarms and Associated Products (OJEU)Subscribers Only24 days
17/01/2017UK-Coventry: Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Servicing & Testing - PP800(b)Subscribers Only6 days
17/01/2017United Kingdom-Birmingham: Smoke alarms and associated products for UK Fire and Rescue ServicesSubscribers Only23 days
17/01/2017United Kingdom-London: Fire prevention works to street propertiesSubscribers Only22 days
17/01/2017United Kingdom-Dalkeith: Electrical installation work - supply and fitting of smoke and carbon monoxide detectorsSubscribers Only25 days
16/01/2017UK-London: Fire Prevention Works to Street Properties (OJEU)Subscribers Only23 days
13/01/2017UK-Blackpool: Fire Risk AssessmentSubscribers Only11 days
13/01/2017IE-Ireland: Provision of Fire Defence Equipment Maintenance ServicesSubscribers Only20 days