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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
19/01/2017United Kingdom-Preston: Grocery, frozen food, confectionery and soft drink productsSubscribers Only35 days
17/01/2017United Kingdom-Armagh: Frozen foodSubscribers Only23 days
23/11/2016UK-Motherwell: Framework Agreement for the Supply & Delivery of Fruit & VegetablesNorth Lanarkshire Councilexpired
12/11/2016United Kingdom-Petersfield: Supply of milk, dairy, fruit and vegetable products at Manchester Central Convention CentreManchester City Councilexpired
11/11/2016UK-London: Delivery of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Medicines And Healthcare Products Regulatory Agencyexpired
09/11/2016UK-Stafford: Supply & Delivery of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables to Staffordshire Care EstablishmentsStaffordshire County Councilexpired
08/11/2016United Kingdom-Winchester: Framework agreement for the supply and distribution of dry, chilled and frozen foodsHampshire County Councilexpired
05/11/2016United Kingdom-Caerphilly: National Procurement Service framework for the supply & distribution of packaged food and beveragesSubscribers OnlyPIN
05/11/2016United Kingdom-Caerphilly: National Procurement Service framework for the supply and distribution of fresh food and beveragesSubscribers OnlyPIN
02/11/2016United Kingdom-Beverley: Groceries, fresh produce, milk & breadEast Riding Of Yorkshireexpired
01/11/2016UK-Mansfield: Provision of Confectionery, Toiletries & Grocery Sundries (OJEU)Nottinghamshire Healthcare Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
31/10/2016UK-Beverley: Groceries, Fresh Produce, Milk & BreadEast Riding Of Yorkshire Councilexpired
29/10/2016United Kingdom-Godalming: Food productsChurchmarketplace C/O Pelican Procurement Services Ltdexpired
26/10/2016United Kingdom-Hamilton: Supply and distribution of fruit and vegetables (fresh and pre-prepared)South Lanarkshire Councilexpired
19/10/2016United Kingdom-Leicester: Fresh fruit, vegetables, potatoes and saladsEspo On Behalf Of Devon Norse Limitedexpired
11/10/2016United Kingdom-Nottingham: Supply of fruit & vegetables to Nottingham Trent UniversityNottingham Trent Universityexpired
10/10/2016UK-Nottingham: Supply of Fruit & Vegetables (OJEU)Nottingham Trent Universityexpired
06/10/2016Ireland-Dublin: Tuck shop goodsSubscribers OnlyPIN
05/10/2016Ireland-Palmerstown: Food productsStewarts Care Ltdexpired
22/09/2016United Kingdom-Paisley: Frozen foodsSubscribers OnlyPIN