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20/01/2017UK-London: NHS England South (South West) – Dental Services in Redland, Bristol Subscribers Only16 days
20/01/2017United Kingdom-Bristol: Dental servicesSubscribers Only15 days
18/01/2017UK-Nottingham: New Cripps Health Centre; Contractor Subscribers Only21 days
18/01/2017United Kingdom-Preston: Orthodontic servicesSubscribers OnlyPIN
17/01/2017UK-Lewes: Dental Epidemiology Fieldwork and Oral Health Promotion (RFI)Subscribers Only8 days
16/01/2017UK-Leeds: Orthodontics in Lancashire (MARKET ENGAGEMENT EVENT)Subscribers Only2 days
14/01/2017United Kingdom-Huyton: Public health service — the healthy child programmeSubscribers Only17 days
10/01/2017UK-Darlington: Wait List Initiative and Emergency Dentistry Sessions into North East Cluster of PrisonsSubscribers Only11 days
05/01/2017United Kingdom-Winchester: Oral health improvement servicesSubscribers Only36 days
29/12/2016United Kingdom-Derby: Unscheduled dental careSubscribers OnlyPIN
28/12/2016United Kingdom-Leeds: Intermediate minor oral surgery (IMOS) servicesSubscribers Only7 days
24/12/2016United Kingdom-Ipswich: Orthodontic servicesSubscribers OnlyPIN
23/12/2016UK-Derby: Provision of Unscheduled Dental Care, Hertfordshire (MARKET ENGAGEMENT)Subscribers Onlyn/a
22/12/2016United Kingdom-Liverpool: Management consultancySubscribers Only21 days
21/12/2016United Kingdom-Omagh: Occupational health servicesSubscribers Only1 day
20/12/2016UK-Truro: Oral Health ImprovementCornwall Councilexpired
16/12/2016United Kingdom-Reading: Dental practice and related servicesSubscribers Only2513 days
14/12/2016UK-Derby: Dental Services across Leicestershire and Lincolnshire (EVENTS 17 January 2017)Subscribers Onlyn/a
14/12/2016United Kingdom-Derby: Dental-practice servicesSubscribers OnlyPIN
14/12/2016United Kingdom-London: Dental servicesSubscribers OnlyPIN