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21/12/2016United Kingdom-London: Maintenance and provision of radiological and nuclear mobile and fixed detection equipmentSubscribers OnlyPIN
20/12/2016UK-Belfast: Supply, Delivery, Installation, Training and Maintenance of Archway Metal DetectorsSubscribers Onlytoday
19/12/2016UK-London: Provision of Radiological & Nuclear Detection Equipment (OPEN EARLY ENGAGEMENT)Home Officeexpired
17/12/2016United Kingdom-Manchester: Outbound passenger security equipmentSubscribers Onlyn/a
08/12/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: In-service support of radiography equipmentMinistry Of Defence, Land Equipment, Special Projects Scm (Spscm)expired
06/12/2016United Kingdom-London: Framework for the supply and maintenance of CO2 detection analysersSecretary Of State For The Home Departmentexpired
01/12/2016United Kingdom-London: Supply and maintenance of transmission x-ray body scannersSubscribers OnlyPIN
12/11/2016Ireland-Dublin: Baggage-handling systemSubscribers Onlyn/a
28/10/2016United Kingdom-Liverpool: Courier servicesCrown Commercial Serviceexpired
10/10/2016UK-London: QCC Searchlight PLUS Upgrade (SHORT DEADLINE)Metropolitan Police Serviceexpired
03/10/2016UK-Liverpool: Provision of a Repair Service for X-Ray DetectorsCrown Commercial Serviceexpired
08/09/2016UK-Swindon: SBRI Funding Competition: IRC 2016 for Explosives & Weapons DetectionInnovate Ukexpired
07/09/2016UK-Newport (Wales): National X-ray Competency Test ReviewCrown Commercial Serviceexpired
24/08/2016United Kingdom-Luton: Baggage-handling system replacement including terminal extension and ancillary worksLondon Luton Airport Operations Limitedexpired
09/08/2016UK-Swansea: X-Ray Scanning Equipment - Lease Dvlaexpired
09/08/2016United Kingdom-Swansea: X-ray scanning equipment — leaseDvlaexpired
05/08/2016UK-Warrington: DWP Document and Data Management Service (SUPPLIER 1-2-1 SESSIONS)Department For Work And Pensionsexpired
14/07/2016United Kingdom-London: Freight searching, searching of persons, detention and escorting services in northern FranceHome Officeexpired
05/07/2016UK-Liverpool: Third Party Integration Systems (U3S) 16A04 for the Department for TransportCrown Commercial Serviceexpired
30/06/2016United Kingdom-Warrington: Document management servicesSubscribers OnlyPIN