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12/01/2017UK-Leeds: Medical Writer Subscribers Only4 days
21/12/2016United Kingdom-Newcastle upon Tyne: Newcastle University healthcare technologiesSubscribers Only12 days
09/12/2016United Kingdom-Newcastle upon Tyne: Ondansetron with metoclopRamideThe Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
07/12/2016United Kingdom-Aberdeen: Supply of drug and placeboUniversity Of Aberdeenexpired
30/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/160 - Knee braces in the management of knee osteoarthritisSubscribers Only75 days
30/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/157 - Clozapine in the treatment of borderline personality disorderSubscribers Only75 days
30/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/164 - Unscheduled Bleeding in Women Using Long Acting Reversible ContraceptionSubscribers Only131 days
30/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/162 - Low-dose antidepressants for the treatment of irritable bowel syndromeSubscribers Only75 days
30/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/161 - Partial removal of dental caries in permanent teethSubscribers Only75 days
30/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/155 - Problem solving therapy for depression in older adults with dementiaSubscribers Only75 days
30/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/154 - Pramipexole for treatment resistant bipolar depressionSubscribers Only75 days
30/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/153 - Harm reduction intervention Subscribers Only75 days
30/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/151 - Rescue cerclageSubscribers Only75 days
30/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/147 - Pharmacological management of post-traumatic seizuresSubscribers Only75 days
30/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/129 - Epilepsy Subscribers Only52 days
29/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/131 standard outline proposalSubscribers Only73 days
29/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/163-Microbiological sampling & treatment for infection complicating diabetic foot ulcerationSubscribers Only131 days
29/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/145 - Antidepressants for depression in people with Parkinson’s diseaseSubscribers Only19 days
29/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/127 - Novel Interventions for Treatment Resistant Depression Subscribers Only52 days
29/11/2016UK-Southampton: 16/128 - Improving Safety and Efficacy Through Targeted Drug DeliverySubscribers Only52 days