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26/10/2016United Kingdom-Salford: Procedure packsNhs Shared Business Services Ltd (Nhs Sbs)expired
25/10/2016UK-Salford: Procedure Packs - Including Ward and Community PacksNhs Shared Business Servicesexpired
28/09/2016UK-Kings Lynn: Purchase of Cannula/Infusion Sets (OPEN EARLY ENGAGEMENT)Subscribers Only16 days
29/08/2016UK-Wakefield: Supply of 2 Radiofrequency Generators and for Purchase of Compatible Consumables Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Nhs Trust expired
17/08/2016United Kingdom-Normanton: Cardiac surgery cardiac rhythm management diagnostic and interventional consumablesNhs Supply Chain Acting As Agent For Nhs Business Services Authorityexpired
10/06/2016United Kingdom-Liverpool: Medical consumablesLiverpool Heart And Chest Hospital Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
28/05/2016United Kingdom-Birmingham: Supply of endoscopy consumablesHealthtrust Europe Llp (Hte) Acting As Agent For The University Hospitals Of Covexpired
21/05/2016United Kingdom-Sheffield: Total airway managementNorth Of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (Noe Cpc) (Hosted By And Aexpired
22/03/2016United Kingdom-Cardiff: Laryngectomy, tracheostomy and associated consumablesNhs Wales Procurement Servicesexpired
13/02/2016United Kingdom-Normanton: Supply of respiratory and suction solutionsSubscribers OnlyPIN
04/02/2016United Kingdom-Salford: Medical consumablesNhs Shared Business Services Ltd (Nhs Sbs)expired