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21/12/2016Ireland-Dublin: Transport ticketsSubscribers Onlytoday
15/12/2016United Kingdom-Nottingham: Electronic bus information and departure displaysNottinghamshire County Councilexpired
03/12/2016United Kingdom-Plymouth: Procurement of ITSO services and GgoodsSouth West Smart Applications Ltdexpired
02/12/2016United Kingdom-London: Radio networkSubscribers OnlyPIN
30/11/2016UK-London: Enabling Smart Cities in Brazil - Open Call (EXTENDED/SHORT DEADLINE)Future Cities Catapultexpired
30/11/2016United Kingdom-Watford: Closed-circuit television camerasWatford Borough Councilexpired
09/11/2016UK-London: Enabling Smart Cities in Brazil - Open CallFuture Cities Catapultexpired
22/10/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: Real time information maintenance servicesSubscribers OnlyPIN
21/10/2016UK-Douglas: Provision of a Demand Responsive Transport SystemIsle Of Man Governmentexpired
21/10/2016UK-Bristol: Real Time Information Maintenance ServicesBristol City Councilexpired
18/10/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Closed-circuit television apparatusTranslinkexpired
17/10/2016UK-Belfast: Maintenance of On-Vehicle Analogue CCTV Services (OJEU)Translinkexpired
30/09/2016United Kingdom-London: Future bus systems — routes and schedulesTransport For London (Information And Communications Technology)expired
23/09/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Supply of bus and rail wi-fiTranslinkexpired
19/09/2016UK-Birmingham: Rapid Transit Ticketing Options for the West MidlandsWest Midlands Combined Authorityexpired
15/09/2016United Kingdom-Plymouth: Real time passenger information system upgrade and maintenancePlymouth City Councilexpired
09/09/2016UK-Plymouth: Real Time Passenger Information System Upgrade and MaintenancePlymouth City Councilexpired
09/08/2016UK-Liverpool: Traffic Management Technology 2 (EXTENDED SHORT DEADLINE)Crown Commercial Serviceexpired
05/07/2016United Kingdom-Liverpool: Road equipmentThe Minister For The Cabinet Office Acting Through Crown Commercial Service Partexpired
28/06/2016United Kingdom-London: Future bus systemsSubscribers OnlyPIN