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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
20/01/2017United Kingdom-Southampton: Laboratory medicineSubscribers Only25 days
19/01/2017UK-Norwich: High Precision CO2 and CH4 Analyser SystemSubscribers Only20 days
19/01/2017UK-Leeds: Supply, installation & Commissioning of a Wet Particle Shape AnalyserSubscribers Only19 days
18/01/2017UK-Cardiff: Allergy and Autoimmunity Testing SystemSubscribers Only16 days
18/01/2017United Kingdom-Didcot: Electron analysersSubscribers OnlyPIN
16/01/2017UK-Coleraine: Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser Subscribers Only6 days
16/01/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of a thermal Gravimetric Analyser (TGA) with a Mass Spectrometer (QMS)Subscribers Only13 days
14/01/2017United Kingdom-Belfast: Supply and delivery of analytical provisionsSubscribers Only22 days
10/01/2017UK-London: PHE - Porton Down Multiplex System Subscribers Only5 days
09/01/2017IE-Ireland: Provision of Medical ServicesSubscribers Only17 days
06/01/2017UK-Oldbury: Kane Flue Gas Analysers (RE-ADVERTISEMENT/SHORT DEADLINE)Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Councilexpired
05/01/2017UK-Bothwell: GP Surgery PodsNhs Lanarkshireexpired
05/01/2017United Kingdom-Normanton: Ophthalmic capital equipment and associated accessoriesSubscribers Only11 days
03/01/2017UK-Brighton: Provision of Coagulation Analysers, Consumables and Associated ServicesSubscribers Only5 days
22/12/2016UK-Derby: Provision of Community Paediatric Phlebotomy Service Subscribers Only1 day
21/12/2016UK-Nottingham: Simultaneous Differential Scanning Calorimeter University Of Nottinghamexpired
21/12/2016UK-Nottingham: Auotmated Sievert Instrumentation_ITT835 University Of Nottinghamexpired
20/12/2016United Kingdom-Dundee: Point of care and laboratory blood gas analysisSubscribers Only9 days
20/12/2016United Kingdom-Morpeth: Provision of a managed service contract for a coagulation testing solutionSubscribers OnlyPIN
19/12/2016UK-Redcar: AutotitratorCentre For Process Innovation Ltdexpired