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20/01/2017UK-London: Provision of Marketing Services for the University of London (EVENT) - 26th January 2017Subscribers Onlyn/a
20/01/2017United Kingdom-Oldbury: Commercial partner(s) to manage large format advertising and sponsorship assetsSubscribers Only25 days
20/01/2017United Kingdom-Norwich: Advertising in three multi storey car parksSubscribers Only26 days
19/01/2017UK-Belfast: Design/Advertising and PR ServicesSubscribers Only38 days
19/01/2017United Kingdom-Widnes: Advertising servicesSubscribers Only25 days
17/01/2017UK-Oldbury: Commercial Partner(s) to Manage Large Format Advertising & Sponsorship AssetsSubscribers Only25 days
17/01/2017IE-Ireland: Creative and Media Advertising ServicesSubscribers Only10 days
17/01/2017UK-Birmingham: Provision of Social Media Attraction Campaign to Reach Unemployed CandidatesSubscribers Only9 days
17/01/2017United Kingdom-London: Contract for large format digital advertisingSubscribers OnlyPIN
17/01/2017United Kingdom-Preston: Media buying and planningSubscribers Only22 days
14/01/2017France-Paris La Défense: Media buying services and digital ad technologiesSubscribers Only9 days
13/01/2017UK-Preston: Media Buying and Planning ServicesSubscribers Only23 days
13/01/2017United Kingdom-Bracknell: Recruitment advertising servicesSubscribers Only19 days
12/01/2017France-Bordeaux: Media planning and buyingSubscribers Only40 days
11/01/2017UK-Bracknell: Recruitment Advertising ServiceSubscribers Only20 days
11/01/2017Ireland-Dublin: Customer experience and brand performance trackerSubscribers Only17 days
10/01/2017UK-Norwich: Income Generation for Norwich City Council (OJEU)Subscribers Only16 days
09/01/2017UK-Huddersfield: Out of Home Advertising Services Framework Agreement Subscribers Only16 days
24/12/2016United Kingdom-Glasgow: Advertising management servicesSubscribers Only1 day
23/12/2016IE-Ireland: Establishment of a Multi Operator Framework Agreement in two lots for Graphic Design ServicesIrish Manufacturing Research Ltdexpired