I.T. Team

With over 60 years of collective experience, our I.T. Team develop, maintain and support our products and systems. It started 10 years ago when our I.T. team developed an online version of Tenders Direct, which up to that point delivered business opportunities by fax and post. The unique categorisation system we developed back then has continually evolved and now incorporates a sophisticated search algorithm which, combined with the expertise of our profiling team, delivers the results you experience today.

Tenders Direct I.T. Team

The Tenders Direct I.T. Team

Product Development

Programming in ASP.Net (The latest cutting edge technology from Microsoft), the I.T. Team constantly research the market to identify any current trends and technologies which can be implemented to improve and enhance our products.

As well as the research and development that continually goes into Tenders Direct, our I.T. Team also develop web portals for organizations to advertise their OJEU and lower value Tenders.

Support, Security and Back-up Facilities

Tenders Direct provides a secure and reliable location for all of your Tender Information. We use Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition, which provides unbeatable fault tolerance, performance, and scalability.

What this means for you as a Tenders Direct customer, is 24/7 availability of all your tender information within your members control panel. Combined with the expertise of our support team and our nightly data back-up facility, Tenders Direct really is the best place for you and your Tenders.